Artist Playlist - Annie Mac presents "The tracks I've been hammering in 2014"

Artist Playlist - Annie Mac presents "The tracks I've been hammering in 2014"

anniemacAnnie Mac has released her Annie Mac Presents compilation for 2014 this week (27 October), which boasts some of the biggest and some of her favourite tracks form her Radio 1 show and DJ sets she's played around the globe. With plans to put on several of this acts at London's ICA later this year (26 November and 10 December), she's made us a she's explains why some of the songs made the cut this year in this Playlist for Q.

Ten Walls - Walking With Elephants "This is the perfect track for me and my compilation, a really unique and charming record. It was a joy to watch people warm to it over the summer."

Caribou - Can’t Do Without You "Mix 2 on the compilation is dedicated to more down tempo music and I’m so glad to have this on the record. Your Love is one of the records of the year for me, it's so lush and warm and emotional. This song is a heartbreaker!"

Tiga - Bugatti "Tiga is one of my all time heroes in dance music. The record is brilliant and sassy and unforgettable, a bit like him really and it’s been a privilege to have it on the comp."

Duke Dumont - I Got U "It’s been great to watch Duke Dumont break through onto the mainstream this year, he’s a very talented producer."

Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo - Rhymes "This is a record that I have been playing in every set this summer, it’s always one that people ask about it. I really wanted to be able to make it part of the compilation mix as it’s been such a big part of my sets this year. It samples Daft Punk's Technologic and it was a nervous week waiting for publishing approval from Daft Punk boys. I’m delighted to have Hannah on our AMP tour this year."

Redlight - 9TS "Redlight is on fire! This is an homage to 90s rave culture and impeccably produced as per usual. It’s one of those tracks that has crossed lots of boundaries, being played by so many different DJs. It really left its mark."

Jamie xx - All Under One Roof Raving "Another homage. This time spending hour meticulously sampling from old vas tapes documenting the UK rave scene. This track is very understated and nostalgic and again was delighted to have this on the mellower mix of the comp."

Little Dragon - Pretty Girls "These guys are one of my favourite live dance bands. They are one of two bands that I saw at Glastonbury this year. They lifted me out of a serious hangover! Their latest album is probably the most listened to album of my year so far. They are so talented, so innovative and Yokims’s voice is incredibly unique."

Lapsley - Falling Short "Lapsley is the other act I saw at Glastonbury! It was her second ever gig. She is 18, from Liverpool and insanely talented. She makes all her music on garageband on her Mac and sings as well. This is another exclusive track to the comp. Lapsley is a very intelligent and charming young lady and I’m really looking forward to more new music… I think she has an amazing career ahead of her if she wants it."

Gerd - Still Believe (ft Macoradi) "This is an eight minute long piano house roller. It builds and builds and builds and then drops down to just a piano riff and then builds and builds again. It is truly joyous and uplifting and got played in so many of my sets this year."

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