Q&A Gaz Coombes – Q at The Great Escape 2015

gazcombesGaz Coombes is on the bill for The Q Stage at The Great Escape Festival on 16 May at St George's Church. We spoke to the singer-songwriter about what he's got planned for the gig - he's first on for a change! – which also features Jane Weaver, Bill Ryder Jones and Soley.

As someone who’s spent a lot of time in Brighton, sum up the city for us. I loved the 10 years we spent in Brighton. There was always something to do, the beach to stroll along, someone to see, a different boozer to try out! It's such a cool city, I miss it a lot.

What have you got planned for your set? Any surprises? There's always a few surprises when we play, it's just they're never planned! The band is playing so well at the moment and the gigs have been great since Matador was released, so it should be a blast.

You’re on first – were we keeping you or do you want first crack at the beer fridge? Well I was kindly asked to open the Q stage, at a festival that means a lot to me, so a no brainer. Plus I get the dressing room before its been violated by gangs of hairy monkeys.

Which song of Matador are you enjoying playing the most right now? English Ruse has been a lot of fun lately. But to be honest the whole album has translated brilliantly to the stage better than I could've hoped for.

The Great Escape is a multi venue festival, give us your pitch to get the undecided through the doors. 'It might be the last gig I ever do!'

The Q Stage is in St George’s Church, the patron saint of England – what would you be the patron saint of? The Patron Saint of D Minor.

Fish'N'chips or Brighton rock? Fish'N'chips any day!

Oh, whatever happened to the Diamond Ho Ha Men? Duke and Randy? They're both out of the industry now and have moved into the finance game. Doing very well for themselves by all accounts... Paul Stokes @Stokesie

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