Who? What? Why? Where? When? - The Hidden Cameras

Who? What? Why? Where? When? - The Hidden Cameras

Toronto's The Hidden Cameras return on Monday (27 January) with eighth album Age. To get a sense of this prolific, ever-changing collective, we put our "5Ws" to the band's only fixed point, leader Joel Gibb.

WHO would play you in the film of your life? Philip Seymour Hoffman cause he's good in everything.

WHAT are you currently working on? Another new record of course; this next one replaces the synths and echoplex of Age for pedal steel and banjo. Stay tuned...

WHY do you do that thing you do? Because it's there and I got it in me.

WHERE do you see yourself in ten years? Further down the endless vortex of time.

WHEN will there be a harvest for the world? Sadly never. Sorry to be a downer. Let's all try though right?

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