Who? What? Why? Where? When? - Fenech-Soler

Having released second album Rituals earlier this year, Fenech-Soler hit the road next month for a full UK tour. The band's Ben Duffy tackles the five greatest questions of all time, Who? What? Why? Where? And of course, When?

WHO would play you in the film of your life? I'm a big fan of Ben Whishaw as an actor but he would have to put some weight on. Like, a whole stone.

WHAT are you currently working on? Making a mix actually. We're about 5 percent of the way through a journey to Hamburg so I'm wasting some hours being musically self-indulgent.

WHY do you do that thing you do? What singing? Because it keeps me out of the real world. I like traveling around with my friends so this is doing just fine right now.

WHERE do you see yourself in ten years? Ahh I'd like to be making music for as long as possible but who knows. I guess being content with whatever I was doing.

WHEN will there be a harvest for the world? When Tom Cruise and co return from a scientology resource mission bringing infinite supplies from a near by planet, saving us all. Maybe...

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