Guest Column / Gallery – The Charlatans: The Books

Guest Column / Gallery – The Charlatans: The Books

[new_royalslider id="62"] Ahead of World Book Day on Thursday (3 March) The Charlatans have transformed their album titles into book covers – which Q is revealing in an exclusive gallery (above).

The group have worked with designers to create prints inspired by a host of tomes, with designs ranging from paperback novels to car manuals and beyond.

"When we finished recording Modern Nature, someone had written a list of all 12 of our album titles at the studio. I'd just written a book and I'd started to talk about names and cover designs with the publisher – I imagined what kind of books would be conjured up by the names of our records and it escalated from there," frontman Tim Burgess tells Q of the idea behind the project.

"Four years ago, we made 123 of our song titles into a design of the periodic table [see below] and everyone went crazy for the posters we made. I mentioned the book idea and soon enough we had what we thought would look good as a print. We thought we'd get some made, we've signed them all and there'll be 200 of them available on World Book Day.

The limited edition copies go on sale on World Book Day at 4pm (GMT) via, plus Q is giving away one copy and Charlatans Periodic Table – enter our compeition below before 6pm (GMT) on Friday (4 March 2016).