Guest Column/ gallery – Musicians At Home II by Absolute Radio's Andy Bush

Guest Column/ gallery – Musicians At Home II by Absolute Radio's Andy Bush

[new_royalslider id="64"]When not on air for our pals Absolute Radio, weekdays 1-4pm, Andy Bush is wondering what his favourite musicians are getting up to at home. Imagining what goes on behind closed doors – with the help of his listeners – the DJ has severed-up a second instalment of cartoons capturing rock'n'roll domesticity (above).

It’s been a really busy few weeks on the show with plenty of celeb interviews, in particular Will Smith was on the show telling me that he’d love to go to Butlins so much so the folk at Butlins ended-up offering Will tickets to an 80s Weekender in Bognor Regis, which I have no doubt the Smith family are seriously considering as we speak. This chance moment in the interview has lead me wonder what it would be like if other celebs went away to Butlins, and I thought U2 would be the perfect subjects for this flight of fancy.

James Bay is a big artist for us at Absolute Radio and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about his amazing hat suspecting that maybe it has a duel function. I’ve never seen James Bay not wearing the hat, so maybe it gives him special powers or something? I’ve drawn what I think is the REAL reason James always wears that damn hat. In addition to this I’ve also imagined Billy Idol mowing the lawn, an iconic musical location, how The Pet Shop Boys spend their Sundays and what would happen if Angus Young from AC/DC ever couldn’t find his school uniform? Enjoy Andy Bush @bushontheradio

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