Five Songs To Hear This Week - Table Scraps, Fred Abbot, Mara Carlyle, White Reaper, Obenewa

Five Songs To Hear This Week - Table Scraps, Fred Abbot, Mara Carlyle, White Reaper, Obenewa

Sorting through the week's new singles and songs that have surfaced online over the last seven days, Jamie Skey (@jamie_skey) presents five songs you need to hear this week...


Fuzz-worshipping garage raiders Table Scraps' latest jolt of punk noise is called Electricity, and it's electric all right - high voltage too! A short, sharp taser shock of a tune, the relentless riffs and brawling drums on display will put you on the floor in no time.

Towards the end of their career, twee folk rockers Noah And The Whale traded in Tom Petty Abbot-isms, a sound taken to its logical conclusion on ex-lead guitarist Fred Abbot's debut single Funny How Good It Feels, with its California-glow guitars and radio-sheened harmonies.

Bodily functions have never sounded so cosmic, thanks to Body Of Songs, a concept album inspired by the mysteries of the human body, featuring tracks by Bat For Lashes, Goldie and Ghostpoet. Taking inspiration from the kidney, Mara Carlyle and Max de Wardener probe the inner-workings of the bean-shaped organ via deliriously cut-up beats, out-of-body vocoder refrains and supple jazz bass of Follow Me Through. The result is a bit like what Flying Lotus would sound like if he was more interested in medical science rather than the afterlife.

Certain corners of the music press have been raving about White Reaper's high-intensity mix of fuzz-slathered guitars, humping drums and sugary keyboards, and with Make Me Wanna Die it's easy to see why. A an adrenalin-shot-like reminder that rock'n'roll has never gone out of fashion, and probably never will.

London's Obenewa cut her teeth doing back-up vocal duties for the likes of Plan B. Now going her own way, the singer, backed-up by Ninja Tune producers Rafferty And Walter Ego, creates the fabric of a parallel dimension where soul music won the space race, such is the zero-gravity quality of He's slow-burning soul groover.