Five Songs To Hear This Week - Pulled Apart By Horses, Apothek, Lola Colt, Allusondrugs, Luluc

Five Songs To Hear This Week - Pulled Apart By Horses, Apothek, Lola Colt, Allusondrugs, Luluc

Sorting through the week's new singles and songs that have surfaced online over the last seven days, Jamie Skey (@jamie_skey) presents five songs you need to hear this week...


If the stormingly psychedelic Hot Squash, the first track to be cut loose from their soon-to-be-released third album Blood, is anything to go by, Leeds’ surreal-core sons Pulled Apart By Horses are on track to make it a hat-trick of wickedly memorable LP deliveries. The track itself finds the quartet in a desert state of mind, though it's more Queens Of The Stoneage intensity than Tinariwen temperance.  

If post-dubstep poster-boy James Blake was born in Oslo instead of London, he’d might sound like glitchy-soul duo Apothek, whose new single Family sounds like the quietly intense fallout from the colourful explosion of Bjork’s early records.

It’s perhaps not beyond the realms of possibility that one day David Lynch and Ennio Morricone will put their heads together for a project, but in the likely event that that doesn’t happen, though, London’s Lola Colt have enticingly approximated that spaghetti-western-noir-pop crossover potential on Diamonds to give us an idea of what we're missing.

More alt-rock weirdness from Yorkshire, this time in the  R.E.M-meets-Soundgarden form of spacebar-dodging riffers Allusondrugs. Their third single, Nervous, in step with their cheap-and-cheerful way of operating, sounds like it’s been made on a shoestring budget, but nevertheless brims with raw, spine-shivering emotion.

Sub Pop signees Luluc (pronounced ‘Lou-Luke’) are yet more proof of how much the Seattle-based label has evolved since the heady days of grunge. The pastoral folk-pop sounds of Without A Face are a far cry from the sludgy, sneering likes of Mudhoney,  nevertheless they’re a welcome addition to the label’s ever-expanding  and eclectic catalogue.