Five Songs To Hear This Week - Holy Esque, Jhene Aiko, The New Union, This Will Destroy You, Great Pagans

Five Songs To Hear This Week - Holy Esque, Jhene Aiko, The New Union, This Will Destroy You, Great Pagans

Sorting through the week's new singles and songs that have surfaced online over the last seven days, Jamie Skey (@jamie_skey) presents five songs you need to hear this week...


With their inferno-like new single Sovereign, Scottish art-rockers Holy Esque share a raw energy with former tour mates, the now-defunct, Wu Lyf. Taking the title of the Manchester band's only album, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain, as an instruction, Holy Esque prove scorching enough to set an entire mountain range aflame.

Satin-voiced soul singer Jhene Aiko’s been buzzing around the industry for almost a decade but her career took off proper in 2013 after collaborating with Big Sean on his hit single Beware and teaming with with bruised-soul egoist Drake on From Time. Her latest single, The Pressure, is pure mood music in the best possible sense, the singer’s apparent love of weed integrated into the jam through heavy-lidded beats and an intoxicatingly woozy backdrop.

Despite the nihilistic title of Brightonians The New Union’s forthcoming single implying they're an apathetic bunch of guitar-toting miserablists, Believe In Nothing is actually crammed with purposeful, rousing melodies that’ll make you have confidence in the state of play of current indie music.

There seems to be a tendency in Texas to double-up your instruments as weapons of mass destruction - see Pantera, At The Drive-In, and Explosions In The Sky for proof. Atmospheric rockers This Will Destroy You also don’t beat around the bush when it comes to creating earth-shattering noise, though on as on Dustism the band's destructive volume proves anthemic yet strangely ethereal too.

Art collective-cum-record label, co-headed by no-wave noise terrorist Gazelle Twin, Anti Ghost Moon Ray, continue their line in left-of-centre pop music with the delivery of Brighton-based noise pop outfit Great Pagans' dream-like boom of So Pure. It's proves an effective, compelling and must-hear-more taster for their forthcoming new album Cupid In Error (out October 20).