Five Songs To Hear This Week - Wild Beasts, Two Wings, Waking Aida, David Douglas & Tijuana Bibles

Five Songs To Hear This Week - Wild Beasts, Two Wings, Waking Aida, David Douglas & Tijuana Bibles

Sorting through the week's new singles and songs that have surfaced online over the last seven days, Jamie Skey (@jamie_skey) presents five songs you need to hear this week...


Kendal’s best loved sons Wild Beasts are releasing the airily funky A Simple Beautiful Truth as their next single from album Present Tense next month (19 May). Its video features the band clad in electric suits and prancing about like their apparent muse, Talking Heads. It's as pleasingly is as quirky as the song itself, ie very.

Introducing their second album A Wake (out today, 14 April) neo-folk blues hounds Two Wings have dispatched You Give Me Love, an organ-drenched, flute-festooned gospel-rock paean to the joys of romance. It sounds like Fleetwood Mac in a parallel dimension where the inter-band relationships actually led to happy endings.

Like post-rock forbears 65daysofstatic or Maybeshewill, Southampton based math-rockers Waking Aida formulate the sort of epicly wistful instrumental music that could make big bearded men in plaid shirts cry. The seven-and-a-half dramatic minutes of How To Build A Space Station is brimful with almost every emotional trick in the post-rock book: knotty yet contemplative guitars, tricky rhythms and great, sky-high hooks. All the same, Waking Aida add a dash of puppyish brio to this often esoteric, serious-faced genre.

If chillwave mainman Washed Out aimed to make people dance rather than inspiring them to bliss out on sun-loungers, he might sound a bit like moog-seducer David Douglas. While readying himself for the release of his forthcoming album Moon Observations, Douglas has issued an album taster in the sun-blushed shape of Selene, a sonic exploration of interplanetary vibes and narcotised bass grooves.

Though they hail from Glasgow, Tijuana Bibles cook up the kind of cajun-spiced stoner grooves that would match the soaring heat of a Louisiana summer. Though still without an official single to their name, this sludgy four piece have toured with the likes of Deap Vally and have earned an nomination as Best New Act at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards. Online release Toledo is a huge slab of aural red meat that would cause the likes of the Black Keys to salivate with jealousy.