Syann – Far Beyond The Sun

Name: Syann
Track name: Far Beyond The Sun
Hometown: Dundee
Who? Newcomer Syann Gilroy.
Why now? The singer released this track, produced by London-and-Berlin-based’s White Label team, on Monday (4 August). Having refused to speak until she was six-years-old, the Syann is clearly making up for lost time with this bold opening salvo. “I’ve loved music since before I could speak, but I was too shy to ever sing in front of anyone,” she explains of her youthful reticence. “So during my childhood, I would always run around to find a hiding place – then I would sing my heart out.”
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  • musicmogel

    would like to hear/know more? are u going to be doing a feature in the mag on her? very interesting arstist

  • newmusic

    Love this track of the day by Syann ! Absolutely brilliant 1