Leon Of Athens – Baby Asteroid

Name: Leon Of Athens
Track name: Baby Asteroid
Hometown: Clue’s in the name… though he lives in London now.
Who? Real name Timoleon Veremis.
Why now? Leon releases this song as a single on 16 June. This is the premiere of his new video, directed by fellow Greek Yorgos Lanthimos, who directed the oscar-nominated Dogtooth.
Hear more: Leonofathens.com

  • ΧΜΜΚ

    Gongrats Leon !

  • john holly

    did he just shoot some material for a short film and stick the music under it ?looks that way, cute chick though but visuals and music were like in two different places so pointless

  • George Kritonas

    well done Yorgos Lanthimos and Leon of Athens!

  • George Kritonas

    this is just your opinion man

  • Julia Sun

    Was thinking actually both are really relevant to Greece’s current political situation. This video is amazing, really one of the most provocative videos I have seen in a long time, not all about the eye candy either ;)

  • Sarm

    Love this video, really think it represents current politics and corruption right now, whilst the video takes you away on a journey to escape all the chaos, think that is what LOA meant when writing this song.. and living through those tough times..