Arcane Roots – Over & Over

Name: Arcane Roots
Track name: Over & Over
Hometown: Kingston Upon Thames
Who? Andrew Groves, Adam Burton and Daryl Atkins.
Why now? Here’s the premiere of the band’s new single, released on 9 June. The trio play the London Garage tonight night (10 April) as part of their UK tour.
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  • Steve

    First riffy is so so biffy

  • CheeseNoodles

    Brilliant track. Looking forward to seeing these guys in Wolves tomorrow!

  • erfis1

    very nice

  • bwoooar


  • Kevin G

    Classic roots, they can’t write a bad song.

  • Tom

    The chorus sounds so similar to Slow. Pretty sure it’s the same chord progression. Slow is hands down their best song, but it seems a shame to repeat a formula.

  • Joshua Hall

    Hmm, well I don’t think ‘Slow’ is their best song, nor is that chord sequence the same as Slow. It’s got a similar sound, but then again it’s nice to hear a band with a sound that is personal to them. I think that’s probably been their hardest thing (looking at Left-Fire in particular). So yeah, I’m very much looking forward to LP 2.

  • Sam

    Its similar to Belief chord wise.

  • zombie84_41

    these dudes make brilliant music

  • Tom Wenger

    Arcane Roots are probably the best Rockmusicians since Porcupine Tree. Intelligent and uplifting melodies! Come back to Switzerland SOON!!!!!!!!