Weezer: Being “locked up with our fans” inspired our new record (Q339 Preview)

Weezer have spoken to Q from the studio as they work on their first album in four years.

The full in-the-studio report is in Q339, out now, but with the intention of making a “identifiably Weezer” sounding album, frontman Rivers Cuomo explains that spending time on a boat with the band’s fans has fueled the record.

“One of the most inspiring moments for this record was when we did the Weezer Cruises and we were locked up with a bunch of our fans for five days,” he explains of Everything Will Be Alright In The End, released 29 September.

“It was just such a feeling of love and support and passion for the most uniquely Weezer parts of what we do.”

Get Q339, in print or on digital now, for the full report on the band’s return.