Warpaint: ‘Rihanna and Beyonce do not need to look like sluts’ (Q335 preview)

Q’s Sylvia Patterson heads out on the road with Warpaint in our new issue – Q335 out now – and band have a few words for today’s pop icons.

Speaking as they toured the US, the West Coast four-piece consider the ‘hyper-sexualisation’ of mainstream music and the way some female singers have chosen to portray themselves.

“She [Rihanna] has an insane voice, she could’ve done something so much more stuble and artful,” suggests the Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman, who also was dismayed by Beyonce’s recent adoption of twerking.

“It just gets worse,” she adds. “Every song on Beyonce’s last album has her basically looking like a slut and she does not need to do that. She’s gorgeous and so fucking talented. And they all take it as women’s liberation!”

UPDATE (1 May): Over night Wayman expanded on her comments via Facebook, insisting she is a fan of both artists and was “not trying to start a war”, adding: “I apologize for being careless with my words. I apologize to fans of Beyonce and Rihanna, I fucking love them too. Me and and my big mouth.”

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  • Warpaint is Disgusting

    so either warpaint educates themselves on what internalized misogyny is and apologizes or let’s their career flounder because after this no one is going to want to work with them like wow please sit down

  • Khloe Katz

    They seriously need to continue sitting the fuck down. Who are these ladies, even? I’m getting really tired of these groups / individuals trying to name-drop and slander in order to bring more attention to themselves *looks at Lorde*. But they’ve technically succeeded, as here I am. Beyonce has not “suddenly hypersexualized” herself, as they would know if they chose to listen to literally any previous album of hers. She also hasn’t decided to “recently adopt” twerking, and pretty much every Beyonce video ever made proves that (HELLO…….WHAT IS THE ‘UH OH’ DANCE IF NOT TWERKING?!).

    Also….even Rihanna knows she doesn’t have an ‘amazing voice’. Please stop kidding. Rihanna IS extraordinarily sexy and she fucking knows it! Don’t be intimidated by women who express their sexuality. There’s nothing wrong with it.

  • Adam Lowe

    Ah, privileged white women undermining black women in the name of feminism, while unwittingly reinforcing patriarchal oppression at the same time. I’m sure I’ve seen that one before.

    So disappointed, Warpaint.

  • http://www.lemoygarysporvivo.com lemoygarysporvivo

    warpaint have got it going on on so many levels. up there with the coolest band of our generation

  • it me-_-

    if they actually have a problem with the rihanna and beyonce’s supposed hypersexualization then calling them ‘sluts’ doesn’t help whatever you are arguing. while yes, rihanna and beyonce are quite sexual, they seem very control in their own image and that’s the key. being in control of your own sexuality IS liberating.

  • wesawithappen

    “Rihanna has an insane voice”? Let’s not go overboard. Rihanna has an alright voice, an incredibly talented songwriting team, and is beautiful (which is why magazine photo editors love to see her naked). Remove the beautiful (and the skin and twerking in her videos) and that “insane” voice sounds decidedly less interesting. But to the point about them looking “slutty”, the way they look in photos and videos, while sexual, doesn’t convey the message that they’re out there sleeping with any and everything, and what’s wrong with simply being sexual?

  • Calm yourselves

    Shame on you Q mag for taking a small quote out of a long and what I THOUGHT was interesting interview with a talented band, and turning them into pariahs.

  • Sara

    Ugh. This is so disappointing. I’m a big fan of Warpaint’s music and have seen them live twice but this sort of tainted my view of them. There is a way to express discouragment with the way that women are so often over-sexualized in pop culture without denegrading them as “sluts.” Beyonce’s album actually has a very strong feminist message throughout and I don’t think the clothing that she wears undermines that at all. And if we’re being totally honest, if I had a body like Beyonce I’d probably walk around half naked all the time too.

  • ba

    Agree with Warpaint. Sex seems the go to sell on music today. Why? cause it sells. Seems very unoriginal, and just dull peer pressure, and marketing. The pendulum will sing back, as it does, and we’ll have original artists doing what the do best, convey a song without the need for lowest common dominator frills.That’s talent.

  • viki

    Although sex might sell there is a difference between sensuality and labeling someone as a slut. In this particular interview they seem to have this air of superiority because they aren’t as sensual as other artists out there, which doesn’t in the slightest mean that they are more talented. Another person in one of these comments said it well mentioning internalized misogyny. I don’t know, many artists that are more sexual seem to be pretty comfortable in their own skin and are pretty in control of their image, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that

  • Gareth Raymour Harding

    no one will want to work with them are you shitting me, beyonce is good but rhianna is awful pop music who is happy to date a guy who bashes her several times

  • Gareth Raymour Harding

    they are a successful indie band who make far better music than beyonce and rhianna

  • Gareth Raymour Harding

    warpaint shit all over rhianna and beyonce, i love how females with great opinions like lorde, iggy, grimes and warpaint are voicing their opinions and people saying who are they only voices your musical ignorance

  • Gareth Raymour Harding

    oh look a white guy thinking he can speak for black women

  • Gareth Raymour Harding

    theresa wayman is probably one most talented females in indie music today, plus she is with james blake who are far more talented and attractive than ‘power couple’ beyonce and jay z

  • and im not easily impressed

    OH look a blue car…..

  • Ba

    Is rubbing ones ass up on many guys in a film clip empowering? it’s just sex, sex is, well, sex. It’s marketed as sex. nothing wrong with that either, just over done, and unoriginal. They rake in the money, cause sex sells. and yeah, it’s slutty, it marketed as such. Sex for money = slutty. that simple.

  • Aidee Solar

    Grimes must be SOOOO disappointed of your comment dude,plus isn’t Iggy like super racist on twitter? what a way to speak up then.

  • glisanst

    Who am I to judge someone else? If a woman wants to reveal her body or be sexually explicit, more power to her. I love Warpaint but don’t like this side of them, policing others and telling people what’s good for their career. Some people actually do find showing some skin to be liberating. In the USA we are a still quite a prude-ish nation, it is still very much evident today by the shocking reaction people to have to certain outfits and dancing.

    Furthermore, you can’t anoint someone a role model then demand that because you crowned them as a role model they must adhere to what you want. Maybe Rihanna was a good girl when she was younger, but as we grow older we change. Using “role models” as an excuse to tame people is disingenuous.

  • Dilip Venkateswaran

    Spot-on. Aaaaannnd everybody expressing hate towards Warpaint with a oh so noble thought, “They do what they want, what does it matter to you? Some of us have sex drives, and we have every right to sing about it.” Oohhh freedom of expression. People, it’s okay to express what you feel about a popstar, a media hit, who obviously has influence over a command of people- her fans and whatnot. If Beyonce feels something about Warpaint, she can go ahead with it, why is this such a “OH OH WARPAINT THEY SUCK” thing?
    What a great band though, lovely sounds. Theresa Wayman is awesommee.

  • glisanst

    I’m sorry, “expressing hate”? What comments are you reading? “If I don’t like it I don’t like it, doesn’t mean that I’m hating”. Nobody is saying “WARPAINT SUCK” as you claim.

    Furthermore, you’re absolutely correct – Warpaint are free to express whatever sentiments they want about pop stars, just as fans are free to express our reaction to those comments. If one person gets to speak their mind, we all do.

  • Dilip Venkateswaran

    Oh I came to this post through pitchfork’s post in Facebook and the comments were quite off there, and I didn’t have the thought to comment there instead of here -facepalm-. But I mean it in a general sense, of people’s reactions. All I’m saying is, it’s not a big thing that they gave out these words. Of course, you can disagree/agree to their comments but not to their right for a comment (which I feel is an essential talk). With talks that basically suggest “You’re not as famous as them, so hush.”
    She has a huge influence over people (hey, media fsh) and it’s essential to talk about the issues she’s trying to express and even if they seem to have proper value, her new album being called “post-feminist”, the way she expresses it? Not so effective, I feel

  • glisanst

    Fair point

  • Melissa

    look at their FB, as always, the article was manipulative and untruthful.

  • Melissa

    Look at their FB, as always, the article was manipulative and untruthful.

  • Melissa

    look at their FB, as always, the article was manipulative and untruthful.

  • Melissa

    Look at their FB, as always, the article was manipulative and untruthful.

  • Their_Response

    and foremost, I want to apologize with regards to the Q article. There
    were many long conversations behind that statement and it’s
    heartbreaking and painful to see it presented in such a hyperbolic and
    crude manner. We LOVE and ADORE Beyonce and Rihanna, genuinely, and
    that’s what makes this all the more difficult.

    A journalist came on our bus and casually asked us what we thought about women
    in music and we responded as fans and consumers and not as card
    carrying feminists. Not as anybody with power or influence either. We’re
    not trying to start a war, no fucking way. We would be crushed like
    little lady flies.

    As we all know these days, sound bites and
    quotes are chosen not by their merit but by the level of sensationalism
    and that’s exactly what happened here. Beyonce and Rihanna are the last
    two women on earth who I would ever want to disrespect or disregard.
    Ultimately I am a consumer too, and everybody expresses their opinions
    about the artistic climate they live in. What I was referring to,
    specifically, was my take on the video clip for “Superpower” where I
    felt her role in that clip undermined the song – which is one of my
    favorites. That’s pretty much it. As a fan I was confused with her
    choice to sexualize herself in that particular moment. On the other hand
    “Drunk in Love”, in my humble opinion, is so powerful in it’s
    sexuality. I could watch that on a loop forever. Ultimately she can do
    whatever the fuck she wants. Anyone can. I’m a fan and like any other
    fan – I have my opinions which are no more or less important than anyone

    As far as Rihanna goes, if I had that voice I could
    die right now a happy woman. The journalist and I were discussing a
    hypothetical situation in which Rihanna was an artist active outside of
    the mainstream music scene. What would her music sound like? What would
    she wear? What decisions would she make? PURELY hypothetical.

    There’s not a shred of self-importance in these words. I’m not trying to
    cover my tracks but this is really upsetting to me. I apologize for
    being careless with my words. I apologize to fans of Beyonce and
    Rihanna, I fucking love them too. Me and and my big mouth.



    p.s. I never said shit about twerking…don’t know how that got in there. By all means, twerk away.

  • Alexis

    Super familiar (as a fan, not personal friend) with the band, this article tone already doesn’t sound like them at all. They’re super chill, not petty. You’re free to make up your own minds but do research on the band and you’ll see this sticks out like a sore thumb. Go on youtube and watch all thier interviews, look up their print/online interviews, etc. They’re awesome women who support each other and other women. Sometimes sites or publications we love mess up and go the sensational route. This is that time.

  • pete

    Would everyone just shut the hell up!! if Beyonce wants to rub her ass on some guys jeans attempting to removing butt lint, let her. It’s then his responsibility to take his skid marked jeans to the cleaners, NOT YOURS! yes it looks silly, but this is between her and the guy with poo-stained jeans.

  • jasmine

    Some of you dumb fucks shouldn’t believe everything you fucking read. Like this shit article, fuck you Q magazine.

  • Alexander B

    The irony in this.

    Also, read their statement, this is just deceptive journalism.

  • Cherry Bomb

    what a horribly deceptive article. I have read their statement on facebook. Further ashamed that a female journalist would chuck girls under a bus like this. Q magazine, youve been irrelevant for years – stop trying to grab headlines by making up fake articles

  • Sara

    Q, that statement they link to says you guys made up the twerking part? That’s a pretty big accusation.

  • Chables

    Even if Theresa’s words were taken out of context, I still agree that Rihanna and Beyonce sexualise a form of expression with intent to sell more records and have more top 10 hits, and since they dont really WRITE their songs or play their own instruments, they’re below the talent line for me. Deal with it.

  • Adam Lowe

    Who’s white? Gareth, don’t deign to tell me what I am. You’re wrong.

  • Adam Lowe

    I hope so, Melissa.

  • Marie

    I’m glad she apologized for slut-shaming but the way she also went after Q magazine seems like she’s trying to deflect some of the heat.

  • Marie

    Q magazine didn’t call a Beyonce a slut. The woman from Warpaint did that. It’s called personal responsibility.

  • Truth always finds it way…

    I’ve seen them live and was introduced to the singer and one of the other members once before. They both came across as being exceptionally rude and arrogant, even even going back several years.

    I think they are way over rated! They have one fairly good song and thats it. They all sound the same. In addition, the drummer is the only one who can actually play her instrument properly. The rest can’t. There’s no power and tightness in their performance. It’s just because they are an all girl group that they get any attention.

    Being arrogant gets you nowhere and it’s clear to see that the singer has read the article and thought oh shit, is this how I sound and is now concerned that the whole world will know she’s a tit. Hopefully lesson learned. Start being decent and set a good example to your fans. Particularly the younger ones!

    P.S. It’s also quite obvious that ‘Melissa” who keeps commenting, is clearly someone in the band, trying to cover it up. Probably the singer! You can try convincing the few people on here, but you can’t hide truth!

    Peace x

  • Neon

    lol WTF has this to do with being black or white. Seruously?

  • Neon

    c’mon. Everyone knows they do that to stay on top of th charts, to gain more publicity and money.

  • Amy dukes

    Lost all respect for Q magazine

  • punksoda

    Beyonce takes off her clothes: empowering. Miley does it and she’s slutty. Is that a race thing? “White women shoudn’t be naked, but a black women: that’s expected, therefore empowering.”

  • Tan

    I think people are uncomfortable with Miley’s schtick because it seems forced and doesn’t come off in an attractive way. Beyonce is just more mature. It isn’t right to call either slutty. As far as your last statement, that makes no sense. No one has ever said or implied that. I think you’re projecting your own thoughts onto others.

  • Truth always finds a way

    I’ve seen them live and was introduced to the singer and one of the other members once before. They both came across as being exceptionally rude and arrogant, even even going back several years.

    I think they are way over rated! They have one fairly good song and thats it. They all sound the same. In addition, the drummer is the only one who can actually play her instrument properly. The rest can’t. There’s no power and tightness in their performance. It’s just because they are an all girl group that they get any attention.

    Being arrogant gets you nowhere and it’s clear to see that the singer has read the article and thought oh shit, is this how I sound and is now concerned that the whole world will know she’s a tit. Hopefully lesson learned. Start being decent and set a good example to your fans. Particularly the younger ones!

    P.S. It’s also quite obvious that ‘Melissa” who keeps commenting, is clearly someone in the band, trying to cover it up. Probably the singer! You can try convincing the few people on here, but you can’t hide truth!

  • Jennifer

    You don’t have to be black to have an opinion on this. Shut up and take a seat.

  • john

    you sound pretentious as hell. Shut up

  • Rich

    This is careless journalism. It reads like a tabloid. Get back to the music, Q, and get rid of this garbage.

  • Jack

    you sound stupid.

  • dan

    while i agree the choice of language was poor, the fact is they didn’t “call beyonce a slut” as the headline would have you believe, the article skipped over all context about the statement and twisted their words for headline fodder. really lazy journalism and the band shouldn’t have to take responsibility for gross misrepresentation

  • qwerty

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that Q magazine had actually updated the story by informing the reader about Patterson’s FB post. Then I realised they avoided all blame by failing to mention Patterson’s accusation of them of being untruthful, making it look like she was merely trying to cover her tracks in a very insincere manner. Quality journalism right there.

  • Lavern

    you pissants don’t whine about WHITE MALES who are abusive so come off the crusade bulls**t!

  • Lavern

    Exactly and if it’s not about race then why didn’t she mention Lady Gaga who is VERY sexual in many of her performances

  • qwerty

    …i meant wayman, of course, ha. sorry. not a fan of warpaint (hadn’t heard of them before reading this article) just find the matter very interesting

  • Lavern

    Since when the FUCK has white female sexuality not been expressed and glorified in the most gratitous way possible! She sounds like a jealous whiny little bitch who hates that two beautiful sexy black women are getting center stage well clutch the pearls said Missy Anne!

  • Lavern

    If she didn’t want hate she shouldn’t have talked shit! typical of a arrogant stuck up white bitch to target Negroes then moonwalk out of it later. she is backtracking because it’s coming back to bite he ass and rightfully so.

  • Lavern

    Like a lot of HWITE WOMEN do but you all are just ducky with that!

  • Lavern

    Lol good one

  • Lavern

    Fuck him Adam! You spoke truth to power and many can’t handle that you should be a writer on the blogs we need more honest voices telling it like it tis.

  • Lavern

    Let the church say amen

  • Lavern

    Nobody has a problem when WHITE WOMEN do it though piss off holier than hypocrite.

  • FH

    Bashing back on Warpaint isn’t going to help it!

  • it me-_-

    rihanna will go out grocery shopping with her titties out she doesnt give a fuck

  • gene

    Seems a lot of white bashing here.

  • Jessie’s Girl

    You Go Girl!!! I’m a disabled large lady, I buy my groceries wheeling around in my wheelchair wearing my birthday suit. Everyone should do what they like! The younger kids should be having more sex too, be grinding and what not on each other. the world needs more babies. Beyonce is a beautiful role model! I have one of her albums. peace.

  • pete

    what a weird thing to say. Ya mum is white.

  • Brenda Farmer

    “White women undermining black women” nice, pull the race card. Rihanna and Beyonce are both extremely hyper sexualized performers live and in video in the eyes of a majority of females worldwide. (right there with Britney and any women in the top 40 because a**hat wigs that own a large portion of the industry And shame on the author for harming TW for your cheap endeavors, falling for cheap media ploys. Prey. Truly deplorable. Boycotting Q until apology issued.

  • Gareth Raymour Harding

    last time i checked chris brown was black and just as talentless as rhianna

  • Gareth Raymour Harding

    and you sound like a mainstream sheep, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Gareth Raymour Harding

    q magazine twisted her words, theresa is a lovely girl as are all of warpaint far nicer than beyonce and rhianna, primmadonna’s

  • Ed Gein

    I didn’t know Q Magazine was taking high schoolers as interns. This is shitty journalism, lol. Go back to xanga, bb.

  • Julia Staggs

    this obviously had nothing to do with race, she was asked about two specific extremely relevant and popular singers, and she was talking about them as artists and as women. women talking about women. idk where you got race out of there, not everything has to do with race. and how do you know they she was privileged? I voice my opinion about rihanna and beyonce all the goddamn time but its not because of their skin color or heritage, its because I see them as women. If i were to hold my tongue or try to speak about them in a different way just because they are black, well then that doesn’t make sense either. She speaks even in this article about how talented and gorgeous and what great voices they have. But yeah, its obvious to me as an beyonce and rihanna fan, (as she describes herself too), how sexual they have gotten recently. They are the most famous female popstars! and they happen to be black! but I pretty much agree with those statements because they are so sexual and mainstream, constantly half naked, but that reflects more upon what is accepted in society. And they are free to do what they please, just because her skin color and heritage is white doesn’t mean she can’t have an opinion on the two most popular women popstars in America.

  • Maiiiii

    Shame on Q Magazine for misconstruing their words !

  • Jose Ramírez

    You should read better, first, it had nothing to do with racism, you’re taking out of context, or people who don’t know to read just want to agree is about racism, because well, they have nothing better to do than start writing shit (like always) about people they don’t know and knowing more than an article about a lousy magazine. 2nd, why Theresa can’t have an opinion? Why we always have to love everything? and more when it comes about beyonce or rihanna? They use SEX to SELL, they don’t write their own songs, right now rihanna is posting some naked pictures of herself on her instagram, twitter, whatever…she’s showing her tits and ass while they’re kids who follow her on her page. To me, that’s disgusting. Is all about showing their bodies and make sexual moves, miley cyrus too.

    You can sing your songs about sex, i don’t care. But, to make videos and concerts, and constantly posting naked pictures of yourself SCREAMS WATCH ME(rihanna and miley). And that have nothing to do with music. So i’m Disappointed about people who enjoys girls with no talent more than showing their asses. And Q magazine and that horrible “journalist” Sylvia Whatever, you’re just a tabloid magazine now, sad.

  • Jose Ramírez

    You’re DISGUSTING. and people who comes here to write shit about them too. It had nothing to do with RACISM. Q LAME MAGAZINE put that dumbass card. So, you believe a magazine when they put some crap about Celebities you like, but when rihanna or beyonce had to explain something they have nothing to do they’re “sooo cutee” “soo coool” kiss my ass. HYPOCRITES.

    Rihanna, Beyonce, Miley, use SEX to sell, if you want to believe the shit “Sexuality is Liberating” is your Dumbass problem, is like believing USA had nothing to do with Lybia war. A big fat LIE.

    Truth is their music sucks, so they have to do some “extra” things to call attention. Rihanna is such a great model that after being punched by her then boyfriend chris brown she come back to him.
    Showing to her fans and rest of the women in the world that “IS FINE TO BE BEAT UP BY YOUR BOYFRIEND”

    No one should’ve worked with her after that. And that shows to you once again, how fuck up is the world.

    She showed no respect for herself and the rest of the women in the world

  • Ignore payola fm

    Either way both Beyonce and Rihanna are manufactured pop stars like One direction, lady gaga et al. They are media concepts and products designed to swell the coffers of record company executives.

    Ever wondered why they dominate the airwaves and you rarely here proper bands or acts on prime time radio? Here’s why

    Major record companies are no longer concerned with music or art they are solely interested in profit, more so than they ever have been. They will mostly be on the look out for a drone sic manufactured pop star who has little ideas of their own and a desire to be famous, NOT an artist. People that look good (singing is not important with the invention of the autotune) who will do exactly what they are told, sing the songs that are written for them and drum up celebrity interest in them which will help sell more songs. The major record companies will look for a lowest common denominator to appeal to as many people as possible in order to maximize profit. In other words quality takes a firm back seat to quantity.

    Many of the major record companies will encourage their pop stars to use sexuality as another way to sell their bland songs and videos, other methods include voyeuristic detail of the pop stars private life, fashion, or a per-meditated form of quirkiness. The music in it self is designed to be throw-away in order to make way for the next pop hit and the next fat pay cheque.

    These songs will be delivered to radio stations with a large payment to insure they will be played many times a day in order to reach a larger audience, this is called payola. It is akin to monopolization of the airwaves and is why you will only here the same 10-20 songs played on prime time radio all day. Most of these pop stars have all their songs written for them (usually the same writer deals with many of them) the songs are written to a specific formula utilizing simple chord changes and melodies that are not challenging and are aimed at making the listener as passive as possible. Songs by real artists will rarely be played as they are an obstacle. Record companies are now more profit driven then ever and will very rarely if ever take chances with acts who write their own songs and make their own music and much prefer the puppet pop star who won’t question them and bring them more profit.

    If a song appears controversial i.e. deals with sexuality etc. it is because it has been per-meditated by the record company and song writer in order to gain more publicity and therefore shift more capital and NOT to further a cause.

    It is all part of a cultural lobotomy. Look at the Frankfurt school’s cultural theory on how mass culture is used to dominate and keep the status quo in tact so that people don’t question the political and corporate elite.

    If you support manufactured pop stars and openly defend them you are effectively sticking up for a status quo that sees you as nothing but a consumer. I’m sorry if I’ve burst your bubble but wake up.

  • Adam Lowe

    I knew that someone would pull this and claim the ‘race card’. It’s a very effective tool people have for closing down debates, derailing discussions and covering up racial inequality. ‘Shhh, black people! Don’t talk about your oppression! We don’t think it’s real, so we don’t want to hear it!’ Etc.

    There’s a long history of white women speaking about and policing black women’s bodies. It goes back to the slave trade, in fact. Of all the popstars Warpaint could have mentioned, they chose to mention two black women. No Miley Cyrus. No Gaga. No Britney. Theresa’s poor decision to focus only on black women’s bodies is the issue here. So yes, that is about race. She chose to speak about black women’s bodies when black women so rarely get the opportunity to speak out about their own bodies and their own experiences outside of the white gaze. That’s deeply problematic, because it perpetuates a culture where black women are objects to be spoken about, rather than people who can speak up for themselves.

    That’s overlooking the whole fact that Warpaint’s comments were misogynistic in the first place.

  • Nikki

    This has nothing to do with fucking race, asshole. Way to go. People like YOU are the reason why racism is still a big fucking issue in this country in 2014. Clearly, you’re the racist biggot for even bringing skin color up.

  • Adam Lowe

    Yes, because talking about race is exactly the same as being racist.


  • Boreal Explorer

    Um, if Q did indeed distort her statements and take them out of context, it’s Q that deserves a big chunk of the heat. That’s not “journalism,” that’s whoring by clickbait.

  • Boreal Explorer

    No we’re not.

  • SleeperWillWake

    So she’s undermining black women and reinforcing patriarchal oppression by giving a constructive criticism of their work as a musician herself? Would they still undermining white women they said something similar about Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (which they have). Warpaint should be disappointed in you not the other way around.

  • SleeperWillWake

    “Hello again Theresa and the Warpaint girls… I’ve been watching the World Snooker Championships in Britain for the last two days here in my freelance bubble so have only just been made aware there’s some kind of “indie shit-storm” going on over the Q interview with yourselves which has just been published.
    I’ve now scanned the internet, been spectacularly insulted across the planet and much as I’m not in the habit of social media “beefs” and particularly loathe the current cultural climate where women constantly attack other women, I can’t let this go without a response. I’ve now been through the audio transcript of our interview, written it out verbatim and checked it against your version of events. Your objections are frankly preposterous. I can officially assure you and everyone else who believes I am (and I quote from both you and the public) a “hyperbolic …crude…sensationalist… scurvy…snake…asshole….bastard….female journalist who would chuck girls under a bus” that there is zero shuffling of any context here, not a trace of oily manipulation or one single word of one single quote either “twisted” or out of place. Most unacceptably of all, there is no mention whatsoever of the Beyoncé songs Superpower or Drunk In Love, or any hypothetical Riri scenario discussed. You may have had these conversations at some point recently but you did not have them with me. That whole part of our conversation lasted less than 7 minutes. If you need to see or indeed hear the full transcript I am happy to send it to you at any time.
    I don’t want to make things any worse for you over this and I know full well it’s brutal out there with social media (to those of you who deem the women of Warpaint racist misogynists, puh-lease, check your sanity!) but to go out of your way to set fire to my professional integrity in a highly public domain and blame me for what you said is not on. If you felt you went too far in your comments about Beyoncé in particular (who you now seem to think, in retrospect, is some kind of sacred cow) you could’ve clarified your position at length in a myriad public realms without either a) retracting what you said, which is ridiculous, seeing as they were your steadfast opinions at the time or b) using me (and Q magazine) as the fall guy. And for what it’s worth, plenty of people vehemently agree with what you said – girls, women, other artists I’ve interviewed this year in particular. What makes me saddest here is you demean yourselves, referring to Warpaint as crushable “little lady flies”. Whereas I referred to you specifically as “fearless”. I am not The Enemy, and neither are you.
    We live in spineless, reactionary and hideously po-faced times. The losers here, tragically, are The Sisterhood, trust between women and the oxygen of open debate. Those things are way too important to fuck with. A sad day for courage, and for the truth.

    Sylvia after reading this I do believe that you are a person who isn’t beyond reason. However, I still believe Theresa’s account on how events transpired over yours. It’s not because of circumstantial reasons because in all honesty the same circumstantial that would deny your claims can also be said about Theresa as well. No, I believe Theresa based on the simply fact that you refuse to take any responsibility. Theresa apologized for what she said even though technically she didn’t do anything wrong. But what also seems strange is that Theresa didn’t even mention you by name in describing her perspective on the chain of events. Yet you give lengthy rebuttal proclaiming your innocence and practically calling Theresa a liar. You say she was trying to throw you under bus when the truth is that she was describing how the events occurred according to her and elaborating on what she mean by her words. I’m sorry, if you’ve been harassed after Theresa’s post but that’s not really her fault. I honestly can’t tell what happened during the interview because I wasn’t there. But if her words were taken out of context it doesn’t necessarily make you a oily, manipulative, crude, hyperbolic sensationalist. You could just have a different interpretation on the chain of events than Theresa and that’s not a crime. And yet that doesn’t excuse an apology because if the event transpired like you said it did you’re representing another person’s words.

  • Truth always finds its way

    Then in which case, make the audio freely available and lets see what the truth is. A recording never lies… Who’s with me…

  • SleeperWillWake

    That’s over simplified because even an audio can be altered or not reveal the whole truth of the situation. We weren’t there so use to say that audio does or doesn’t cover the entire encounter between Warpaint and Q Magazine.

  • SleeperWillWake

    No, making false accusations of racism intellectually bankrupts the discussion of race.

  • SleeperWillWake

    “There’s a long history of white women speaking about and policing black women’s bodies. It goes back to the slave trade, in fact. ” Red herring. That’s completely irrelevant to what is being talked about here. How is policing Beyoncé or Rihana by giving her opinion on their work they put out. Did she say that Beyoncé should be physically stopped from making hyper-sexualized performances?

    “Of all the popstars Warpaint could have mentioned, they chose to mention two black women. No Miley Cyrus. No Gaga. No Britney.” But she has in the past and what you’re preaching isn’t social justice but politically correctness. It’s politically correct for Theresa to criticize Miley, Gaga, or Britney. But not Beyoncé and Rihana even though there in the industry and also hyper-sexualized.

    “So yes, that is about race.”

    If you’re a shameless opportunist then yes it about race.

    “She chose to speak about black women’s bodies when black women so rarely get the opportunity to speak out about their own bodies and their own experiences outside of the white gaze.”

    So it’s only appropriate for them to speak on their bodies under the black gaze? Black women have more freedom to speak on their bodies both within and outside the “white gaze” then have been in the past. But the fact is that black women in the industry are not just under the white gaze. They’re under the perception crosses many cultural and geographical boundaries.

    “That’s deeply problematic, because it perpetuates a culture where black women are objects to be spoken about, rather than people who can speak up for themselves.”
    How is Theresa speaking about them as if their objects and not people who present themselves as not just a musicians but artists? Theresa opinion is not stopping Beyoncé or Rihana from speaking up for themselves. They are free to express themselves as they wish and Theresa is free to voice constructive criticism. You can’t advocate freedom of expression while undermining freedom of speech. Theresa as fellow musician and artist is well within her right to voice her perspective on the work of other fellow artists and musicians regardless on if they’re white or black.

  • SleeperWillWake

    I’m sure that his honest on his subjective point of view. But that doesn’t mean that what his saying is objectively true.

  • Riley

    I think it’s a little harsh to jump to the conclusion that these comments were racist but the slut-shaming aspect to the interview is pretty horrible and the opposite of a feminist perspective. They’re confused.

  • Truth always finds its way

    The audio will tell the truth! You will be able to hear if it’s cut short. All we need to hear is the audio and then case closed. When you say over simplified… What you are no doubt referring to is the fact that, wait a minute, if in fact Theresa did in fact shoot her mouth off, which wouldn’t surprise me, as she’s so arrogant as hell, and then she is completely busted and looks even more of a fool.

  • LA child

    Ha, Teresa’s the biggest slut I know. Staled career…. why she hating on successful women!

  • SleeperWillWake

    *sigh* Shut up, moron. If you’re too ignorant to know why an audio doesn’t automatically tell the truth of what happened then you’re not smart enough to talk. Audios can be altered or only cover certain positions of the conversations. Not even with Donald Sterling did people automatically assume his guilt. There was an investigation before there ever was verdict which indicates that they didn’t just go by the audio alone. And if you think Theresa is arrogant then you already lost credibility thus proving why you’re not worth my time. Oh and writing in caps doesn’t prove anything other than you’re so insecure you think writing in big letters makes you worth listening to.

  • SleeperWillWake

    She’s the biggest slut because … why exactly? Don’t give me that crap that she hating on successful women just because she dares to give an opinion that isn’t 100% positive.

  • ba

    grow the fuck up.

  • ba

    agree, People here are just god damn sheep. ‘she’s liberating women’, WHAT CRAP!!. they out for the money and ‘shock’ fame. The demographic of people who watch this egocentric bullshit is 12-16 year olds. Yeah, great role model, grlz!. do something truly amazing, promote/dedicate to proper causes, cause right now, these ladies celebs have been reduced to marketed tits, ass, with a big god damn mouth!

  • Brenda Farmer

    To your credit your perception about perpetuating stigmas is true and warranted, if that was the intent. Everyone has an opinion and an adopted perspective that feels just no matter who you are. However your perspective chose to see race over the issue of gender and sexism which shows the lense you chose to wear. She likely mentioned these two (B and R) aka two of the top female pop artists bc looking at music as a business (as a woman herself) and whats ‘working’ and who sells the most units in the industry, youd look to understand those on the top of the game. It happens to be Beyonce and Rihanna. Had she said Miley, this conversation/your comment wouldn’t have ensued. Would you have stood up for women and still commented? Bet not. The issue at hand is about gender/sexism. To find further perspective I shared this article and your comment with 72 students in my Intercultural Communications course. All hands were raised when asked if the saw this more about women and gender than racism. However we had to discuss the difference about Beyonce’s agenda as one toward female body liberation vs. doing it for the units/selling their body with intent which made a few students unsure. Regardless we have an immense social epidemic of perpetuating ignorance. Do us all a favor and look into research journals within the past fews years regarding the statistics of gender bias and the components of perpetuating such bias. We are not all ignorant. You created something out of nothing. We (as in a large majority of the population) are all trying to make progress in our 9-5 over worked and underpaid lives to keep food on the table…not shut it down with hyper-assumptions and escape through the lense you chose to adopt and paint pictures that don’t exist …in this article. Warpaint’s trying to get a meal too and you’re taking that away as one of the people taking this out of context. Congrats on being aware of an aspect of social setbacks, but there’s more to it sir.

  • Adam Lowe

    Sorry, Brenda, but we’ll have to disagree. I’m an ardent feminist, descended from a long line of feminists. I always look at feminism. But race *is* part of feminism. Your choice to prioritise gender over race AND gender betrays your own ignorance. That your fellow students know no better is no surprise (you’re all studying in the same institution, after all–unless you’re their teacher, in which case the fault is solely yours).

    When you (I mean Warpaint, but I’m speaking generally too) mention two black women, and perpetuate a problem that is endemic (i.e., white women proclaiming to speak about women’s liberation then oppressing black women and policing their bodies), without mentioning any white women, then that does deserve to be challenged. It might not be intentional racism, but it perpetuates the image of black women as ‘sluts’ and has the implicit message that black women’s bodies should be held to the standards that white women choose for them instead of the standards they choose for themselves. I see this because, as a person of colour, race is indeed one of the many the lenses I am forced (by white people) to see through. I have no choice in this matter, because I will always be seen for my race whether or not you claim you care about such matters. White people choose to judge me by race every day. So to tell me not to see through that lens is to pretend that the oppression I (and many others) experience from white people is imagined. It isn’t. You can easily find the stats that prove inequality between white people and people of colour. If you don’t have them, then Google them.

    If you don’t see this as a feminist issue, then it is you who needs to re-read the academic journals, not me. And for the record, I’m well versed in current academic discourse.

  • Brenda Farmer

    Definition of ‘deign’ is : to do something that one considers to be beneath one’s dignity.

    As in being white would be beneath you? So is that racist or out of context?
    You undermine yourself when you speak because you simply expose more about yourself and your chosen perspective.

  • Adam Lowe

    I told him not to deign. I didn’t claim to deign myself. If you re-read my comment and understand English grammar, you’ll see that I’m right.

  • POV

    white women undermining black women? I’m a man and I’m agree with them, 99% african american females singer show their bodies…so tacky dude…. they are entitle to their opinion.

  • Tero

    Rihanna twerking all over a pole and singing about making dollars
    stripping is a huge disappointment and undermines any message of
    powerful female sexuality.

  • so tired of this magazine

    uhh title is misleading

  • ruben

    wtf do you get race out of this. you dumbfuck?

  • ruben

    wtf are you talking about? seriously. im black, and i gotta you really are reason why racism issue is so strong still in the 21th century, its ridiculous, she talked about two great artists, that she admires and feels that dont need to sell the music the way theyre doing it, maybe she didnt speak about myley or gaga cause she doesnt admire them as much, anyway, race was in no way brought up, until you came with it, that inferiority complex, fucking hell niggas disgust me man

  • ruben

    you know what your problem is? and its a common problem amongst black people. you people undermine individuality, and contribute to the black stereotype. If one black person is a representant of all black people in the world, black race has a big problem in hands, cant you see what youre doing? seriously man, you should focuse on that.

  • Dc

    You can take the slut out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the slut.

  • Dc

    You are so ignorant I’m white and had to work hard for everything I have. The only way white people are privileged is because we work hard for what we have and since some people in some races don’t it has to be the white mans fault because those people wanted to be lazy they’re whole life. Get off the ridiculous band wagon because in this day and age whites dont have whole sections living off the government because they don’t want to work not because they can’t. So why should they try when we keep giving them more in welfare and ebt than they would make at a real job, with all the benefits out there they can make more than our teachers but you keep up with your white guilt while the rest of us know better and work hard.

  • Dc

    I bet Obama, Jesse Jackson and al sharpton all had some of that white privilege to or could it have maybe been that they worked hard for they’re money and didn’t need privilege because they knew that they would make their own destiny no matter what some people with less common sense think

  • mojasowa

    No one talked about rihanna’s and beyonce’s sex lives, how many sexual partners they choose to have, or not. etc.. You think that’s “sexuality”? That’s their marketing strategy.

  • mojasowa

    By your definition, any targetted criticism of our current president’s policies is by default racist. Unless, you make sure to mention some random white person to cover your ass.. I guess all the people of CHicago who hate on Rahm Emmanuel (the mayor) are anti-semites. OH THE ABSURDITY. Poor warpaint. They don’t deserve this. But the world is full of drama hungry ignorant people. I wish these girls stood up for themselves more.

  • mojasowa

    yes they do. you’re just filtering your awareness to what agrees with your agenda

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  • steph gee

    Im not white Adam and i think beyonce and rihanna act disgusting and i would equate them to nicki minaj, its so disrespectful . Have respect, grow up ladies.

  • steph gee

    Plus she didnt say anything bad, she voiced her opinion by saying these women whether black or white are being vulgar and they dont need to. Use your talents, not ASSets.

  • Lena

    I thought the article was about FEMALE zartists…not what color they are AND since when does color have anything to do with being dignified? THOUGHT they are trying to promote their music not their bodies…showing their bodies to the entire world is a whole different industry… I thought. Being sluty is soooo old, anyone can do it, not much talent needed to, lets c, flash your ass, ride on swings naked, roll around on the stage…whatever already.

  • disqus_17apcwZ5Pr

    The problem with Warpaint’s comment is single-narrative feminism, slut-shaming, and culture clash (to be more on-point, ethnocentrism). It was in poor taste. It’s understood that she likes the artists, and she meant no harm, but it is also understood that the words were harmful. These artists are both extremely powerful and have fought tooth and nail for their professional autonomy. How they choose to express their sexuality or simply their personal aesthetic is their own. And saying that they don’t need to look like sluts, because they have talent is entirely backwards, and is a complete denigration of their autonomy, their subculture, and their personal character. Like…no, thank you. That was super gross.

  • dr!ve


  • hwystar

    Ooook this took a left turn early lets try to get back on track….seriously y do these fivas ferl the need to girate in every shot of the camera…. (rihana shut up an drive for a prime example) and in that paryicular one i kept saying when the hell are they gonna actually drive?

  • Avital

    Read Theresa’s response from Warpaint’s Facebook, this is nothing but a case of deceptive journalism and trying to be controversial to get the most hits on the internet. Shame on you, Q mag.

  • EddieMarriage

    “She [Rihanna] has an insane voice” — yeah, I don’t think so.

  • Jasmine Surreal

    Oh my wordy do you sound like a Guardian reader. Full of stereotyped patronising twat. Beyonce and co are turgid bottom shaking crap all about so called sexy outfits and loads of make up. Not my idea of beautiful, their mucus, sorry, music stinks of mediocre junk food rot. Warpaint are, in contrast, beautiful, gorgeous women with amazing melodic sexy and mysterious songs of aceness. Also they pull great shapes and poses in photos and are delightfully quirky.

  • ggirlgirl

    Oh pls she’s only insulting, might I add pointing fingers at black women

  • Will

    They are sluts and warpaint your pathetic for backing down from the truth.

  • Jacques Nomdefamille

    No need to apologize Warpaint. You guys said nothing wrong and I know you know that. Too bad fake outrage is all the rage these days.