New Vaccines album will prove modern life IS rubbish on new album (Q344 Preview)

The Vaccines are set to return with their third album this summer and they’ve given Q an insight into the themes that have inspired its songs.

Called English Graffiti, the album was recorded with Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev collaborator Dave Fridmann, and frontman Justin Young explains in our new issue, out now, that the record was inspired by the paradox that social media and improving communication technology often leaves people feeling more isolated than ever.

“The whole record is about living in a world in which everyone is connected but feels so disconnected,” he tells Q’s Niall Doherty, adding despite growing cultural homogeny around the globe “it’s harder to find love and friendship and people who understand you.”

With the up to the minute subject matter, Young adds that he wants the record to feel very much of its times.

“In the past, we proudly proclaimed that you can’t date our music but I think we’ve started to feel that maybe that wasn’t a good thing,” he declares. “I want our music to age badly. I want to make a record that could only have been made in 2015!”

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