The Killers’ Brandon Flowers: “My solo album is fuelled by sunglasses, Pepsi and heat” (Q343 Preview)

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has revealed the trinity of influences behind his new solo record.

Speaking about the follow-up to 2010’s Flamingo in our new issue, Q343 out now, the singer gives Sylvia Patterson a taste of what to expect.

“The album imagery is: sunglasses, Pepsi and heat,” he declares. “A song might be coming across really heart-on-sleeve, but it might not have its sunglasses on yet. So you go back in the studio and put its sunglasses on. It’s very effective.”

Flowers also revealed the record’s working title, though was coy about its origins.

“My only working title is Digging Up The Heart, from a four-minute narrative song, like a short story,” the singer explains. “I can’t do it justice by explaining it! Not yet…”

Get Q343, in print or on digital, now for the full interview and in the studio report.

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