The Cult’s Billy Duffy: “I introduced Morrissey to Marr… And we could have been in a band together!” (Q358 Preview)

The Cult tackle enquiries from Q readers’ as the subject of this month’s Cash For Questions interview.

Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy discuss near death experiences, goth, The Doors, Carlos Tevez and much more in our new issue – on sale now in print and on digital – while the guitarist recalls his role in The Smiths‘ formation.

“I believe I introduced Johnny Marr to Morrissey at a Patti Smith gig in Manchester,” he tells Q’s Paul Stokes.

The Cult guitarist and Morrissey had been in a band together before The Smiths formed and while he eventually ended-up forming The Cult, Duffy does believe he and Johnny Marr – at least – would have worked in a band together and he was actually in a band with Morrissey for a bit too, so…

“Morrissey and I were just really young in that band, teenage fanboys into the New York Dolls. He wanted to be David Johansen and I wanted to be Johnny Thunders!” Duffy says of his collaboration.

“What would a band have been like with the three of us? Johnny is an amazing guitar player when it comes to chords, I’m more of a riffer, so we could probably co-inhabit a band. After 40 years of knowing each other, we finally played together recently, so that would work. As for Mozzer, I don’t know, I haven’t seen him in so many years…”

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