Royal Blood: “Never trust somebody whose last name could be their first name” (Q334 Preview)

In our new issue, Q344 out now, Royal Blood give us their lessons for happy living and they have a warning about people’s names.

Speaking in this month’s 10 Commandments, drummer Ben Thatcher cautions against trusting folk “whose last name could be their first name”.

“Rod Stewart? Yup, don’t trust him. Always just keep your wits about you in those situations,” he declares.

“When you go, ‘Hi, my name’s Ben Thatcher,’ and someone says, ‘Hi, I’m Rod Stewart,’ you go ‘O-kaaay…

“Just as a general rule, be wary of those guys.”

For Royal Blood’s other nine commandments, get the new Q now.

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  • Anna

    Dumbest crap I’ve ever heard. Their music is good, but they seem like pricks.

  • guest

    Yeah. I liked ‘Figure It Out’ a lot and then made the classic mistake of finding out what they look like and now that I’m seeing what they think, I’m kind of really glad I never bought their record. I think they’ll be around til about October. NEXT!