Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason: ‘I’m working with David Gilmour again’ (Q342 Preview)

Nick Mason has told Q he will be working with David Gilmour again in the near future.

Though Pink Floyd have officially stated that The Endless River will be their final release, he and his bandmate will be recording again soon.

“Pink Floyd won’t be doing anything else,” Mason (pictured with Billy Corgan at this year’s Xperia Access Q Awards) explains in Q342 out now. “But David is making a solo album and he’s asked me to play on that.

“I also have two charity records that I’m playing on, one is for Save The Children.”

Get the latest Q now for the full interview, including his thoughts on The Dark Side Of The Moon, his relatonship with his (now former) bandmates and more.

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  • john donley

    Nick, please show this to Roger.

    High and mighty waters
    Far above the crowd
    They exalt your genius
    Even admire your aloofness
    The genius needs his space
    To sift through others words
    And transcribe them as his own

    None dare challenge him
    His rep is far too strong
    He’ll curse you as a liar
    And incite the horde to scorn
    Thirty years have passed
    Since the scene of the crime
    Of plagarism on the wall

    Who’s pink where’s pink
    What happened to pink
    Is there really a pink
    Roger’d like to end the story
    But he hasn’t any input

    Explain to us o roger
    The thoughts behind the concept
    How comfortable is the feeling
    Of pink becoming numb
    Tell us what it is you lost
    During years of being dumb
    That thirty years later
    Is too much to overcome

    Roger’d like to end the story
    But he hasn’t any input
    Jen could go and get His notes
    And tell Him they’re no good
    Sail again the polish line
    From leonard cohen’s town
    And resurrect our mr pink
    To laugh and tear Him down

    Roger, I welcome your reply.

  • Альберт Кузьминов Альберт

    I ordered 2LP ” Endless River”…