Noel Gallagher: ‘First time I saw Liam sing I thought Our Kid’s got summat about him’ (Q335 preview)

Our new issue, Q335, is out today (29 April) and features an 18-page Oasis special on the making of Definitely Maybe – including a previously unpublished interview with Noel Gallagher.

The guitarist invited Q around his flat in 1995 to discuss his band’s early days, and for the first time we print the whole chat in full… including his opinions on the first time he ever saw Liam playing live.

Recalling the gig before he joined the band, Noel admits he was actually impressed by his younger brother despite the legend that has grown up around Oasis since.

Here’s a little extract from the interview:

“I get back from Frankfurt with the Inspirals [Inspiral Carpets, who Noel roadied for] and Liam’s band have their first ever gig, at [Manchester] Boardwalk [18 August, 1991]. I goes down, about 30 people there. They did four of their own songs. I know I’ve said they were atrocious, but they weren’t that bad right. I thought, ‘Our Kid’s got summat about him.’

“They came offstage and he went, ‘What did you think?’ ‘You’re alright, but you’ve got no tunes.’ And he comes back with, ‘Well, it’s more than you ever fucking did – you’ve got loads of songs and you’re sat on your arse being a roadie. Don’t you slag my band off!’”

Get Q335 for the full, ‘lost’ interview, plus an oral history of the making of Definitely Maybe, previously unseen pictures, the full, the ever full printing of the “director’s cut” version of Liam And Noel’s Wibbling Rivalry and more.

The new Q is available in print and on most tablet platforms. Order your copy from anywhere in the world right now.


  • oasisblues

    Noel took the songs from the Real People and USED Liam’s band. Facts.

  • non

    Oh God, not you again…

  • Gabrielle

    Who is the interviewer? Is there a way to contact him/her?