George Ezra: “It blows my mind famous people want to party with other famous people” (Q343 Preview)

George Ezra says he can’t get his head around the idea that “famous people” hangout with each other, rather than their friends.

Speaking in our new issue, Q343 out now, the singer insists he prefers spending time with his mates in hometown Hertford rather than embracing the red carpet set.

“I’ve met other famous people and what blows my mind is that when they get five minutes off, they’re partying with other famous people,” he tells Matt Allen. “I wanna see my boys at home.”

Still if he does want to embrace fame, it seems since the release of his song Budapest, the Hertfordshire singer is now something of a superstar in Hungary.

“They’ve even printed that I’m Hungarian,” he explains of his reception. “But the song’s not really about Budapest, it’s a boy’s way of saying, ‘I love you’…”

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