Dan Abnormal! Damon Albarn is on the cover of our new issue

Damon Albarn features exclusively on the cover of our brand new issue – Q334 available in print and digitally from 25 March.

Here's the cover of Q334 featuring Damon Albarn, get your copy from 25 March 2014

Here’s the cover of Q334 featuring Damon Albarn, get your copy from 25 March 2014

The Blur frontman talks openly and candidly about his past, his influences and his excesses as he gets ready to release his debut solo album Everyday Robots. The issue also features Kings Of Leon answering your questions, Rudimental down the market, Bombay Bicycle Club on the road and a look through Foals‘ record collection.

Plus we relive Oasis‘ glory years, speak to Haim, Against Me! and Janelle Monae – and in a special section we raid the Q archive to bring you the best of the Who The Hell? interviews Tom Hibbert conducted with the likes of Chuck Berry, Ringo Starr, Jerry Lee Lewis, Margaret Thatcher(!) and more.

With all the news and reviews that matter, Q is the only music magazine you need this month.

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  • NickAcher

    He’s SOOOO had a hair transplant.

  • Justa music fan

    I went to the El Rey theater in Los Angeles last night. I was lit on fire. I saw the Strypes. I have not had fun like that in a LONG time. They are the real deal, and are going to wake up a new generation who’s been bottle fed nothing but coldplay like garbage for the past 10 years. Look out below! There’s a tidal wave a commin.

  • beskar

    Damon’s got a lot more hair than he did five years ago.

  • Heath Tankle

    see Albarn is wearing his rose tinted spectacles,what’s all this about ‘Hollow Ponds’ and feeling that ‘everyone is saying ‘wow,this is a new multicultural blah,blah’. I lived in East London at the time and racial tensions were scary.Not sure how much of a habit this idiot renaissance man had but,it twisted your head mate.Your lying to a generation who weren’t even there.Head out of yer arse time,Damien.

  • Heath Tankle

    all music has rubber teeth in this pro-tools/ableton enabled world of endless sonic pap made from a template created over 50 years ago.The Strypes have nothing new apart from idiot energy.The average music fan of today is just buying into a very hollow myth,investing in another corporate brand,buying the music,the t-shirt,punching the hollow air in time to the rhythm which brainwashes you into the gathered mass of other sheep who tread the hallowed fields of Glastonbury.Let’s Raaawk !