Courtney Love: “Acting is something I want to do more of” (Q336 Preview)

Courtney Love has told Q she’s planning a return to acting and is hoping to “do a movie as often as possible”.

Speaking in our new issue, Q336 out now, the Hole frontwoman tells Sophie Heawood she is in the process of recruiting an agent so she can resume her career that saw her acclaimed for roles in films including The People Vs Larry Flynt and Man On The Moon.

“Rock’n’roll is great, and I’m good at it, and I like myself onstage better than I like myself in real life and all that stuff. But I really, really like acting,” she declares. “As I get older, the acting is something I want to do more of.”

She adds: “I should do a movie as often as possible. I never had any beaviour problems on a film shoot. Never been late. Never not gotten along with another actor, even if I didn’t like them. I like going to work.”

Get Q336 now for the full interview, including how she’s reconciled with her daughter and the rest of Nirvana, plans for a Hole reunion and more.

  • htownspitfire

    awesomeness!!!!!!! too bad you let the years go by without doing more music and films,,, as a fan it would have been great to have more films and music to collect, watch and listen to…you were doing it before most of the “singer”/actresses anyways