Bono: “Anyone who finds themselves centre-stage is carrying a megalomaniac” (Q351 Preview)

U2 are on the cover of our new issue – available in print and on digital today (25 August) – speaking exclusively this month’s cover story.

Q’s Dorian Lynskey spent a week with the band on their US tour, enjoying rare access to their inner sanctum backstage, and found the band on frank and candid form as they spoke about a variety of issues, including the nature of fame.

“Anyone who finds themselves centre-stage is carrying a megalomaniac somewhere on their person,” admits Bono when considering life in the spotlight.

“It’s not an accident that they got there and the worst kind of megalomaniacs are the ones that won’t admit it. ‘Oh my gosh, how did I get here? Stop looking at me. I didn’t want all this success. I’m a pure person who could have been a potter.’ That’s bollocks.”

Get Q351 now for the full interview, as ahead of their European tour, U2 take stock of a rough 18 months – including physical injury and iTunes invasions – but also look ahead to their future.


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  • Detlev Lassche

    From the underground of Oldenzaal town, I will wish the Boys of U2
    all the best for the second leg in Zoo-Europa.
    Can Bono send me a pair of tickets for Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.
    I have to love and cry, the biggest U2 fan on Earth has no tickets,
    that is a shame.
    Love and light my way to VertiGo…
    Miss You sugar.
    Detlev Lassche, better knowing as the Vertigo Hunter.
    Miss You Sugar.