Bombay Bicycle Club: ‘We blagged a restaurant table using Shazam’ (Q343 Preview)

Bombay Bicycle Club have revealed the perks ‘fame’ brings… explaining they once got a restaurant table because their song was doing well on Shazam.

Answering your posers in this month’s Cash For Questionsget Q343, out now, for the full interview – the band recalled what happened the last time they used the line: “But I’m in Bombay Bicycle Club!”

“We did it the other day trying to get a table at Bodean’s BBQ restaurant in London,” admits frontman Jack Steadman. “We dropped the line that our song Luna is the eight most Shazam’d indie song.

“That magically found us a table.”

Get Q343, in print or on digital, now for the full interview, including the most famous person they’ve urinated next to, why they’ve been involved in a police car crash and much more. Plus listen to our audio interview with Steadman below.