A New Order album without Hooky? “Stop worrying” says Bernard Sumner (Q343 Preview)

New Order have spoken about progress on their new album, in the latest issue of Q, out now.

Speaking about the sessions that have seen the band work with Chemical BrothersTom Rowlands among other producers, frontman Benard Sumner tells Tom Doyle the record is going well.

Not only does he describe the songs so far as been “old-school New Order” in the Technique mold, but addressing fears the band’s sound will be missing something without Peter Hook who was left the band – not amicably it must be noted – he has a message for fans.

“Stop your worrying,” he states. “It sounds absolutely fucking amazing!”

Get Q343, in print or on digital, now for the full interview and in the studio report, plus listen to our audio interview with Sumner below.

  • steinway379

    signing with Mute is great…how about releasing something