Have you got a question for Spandau Ballet? (Cash For Questions)

We’ll be grilling Spandau Ballet for a future Cash For Questions inquisition and we need you to tell us what to ask them.

What do the Kemps make of Tom Hardy’s casting as the Kray twins?

Who would have won in a dust up between them and Duran Duran?

Did they ever look at any of their stage wear and think, ‘Actually, I look a bit of a tit’?

In fact, can you think of some better questions? If so send us yours either via Twitter.com/Qmagazine using the hashtag #QBallet (so we can find it), via Facebook.com/Qmagazine, email us at QMail@qthemusic.com or simply leave your question in the comments sections below.

The deadline for questions is next Thursday (21 August) at 2pm (BST).

  • Doug

    How did the rest of the band – not including Martin – survive financially when Gary decided to stop their percentage of his songwriters royalties? And is it true John Keebler was reduced to painting houses for a living?

  • Carlos

    When will you anounce the world tour?

  • Russell Morris

    As you have not released much music for a while, are these new songs written over the last few weeks or are they a collection of songs you have been stock-piling?

  • paola

    I asked to Steve in Naples too: why Gently is such an underrated song? Never in your “the best of SB”, never on tour. It’s a great song , think about it.

  • Julie Lawrence

    How does playing live in the 21st century compare to those gigs in the 80s?

  • Mercedes

    I’d like to ask any of them if there are future plans for a tour in Spain (specially Madrid ;-) )

  • Mark Finnegan

    It has been well documented that the recording of “Heart Like A Sky” was a very difficult time for the band. However many fans consider it SB’s best album. How do you feel about the album now and is there a chance any of the tracks would be included as part of a future setlist?

  • Julie Hulls

    You have worn some outrageous clothes over the years – what outfit makes you cringe most when you see an old photo/video

  • Scott McLennan

    The Director’s Cut of classic 1986 flick Aliens features an abandoned research colony called Hadley’s Hope. Is Hollywood director James Cameron a Spandau Ballet fan?

  • Tim

    Heho, how many new songs will you plan at the RAH gig?

  • Saskia

    Hello, can you tell us the song titles from the 3 new ones please?